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Print For Ukraine, 2022
Lino print. Limited edition

A group of nine women printmakers, from John Howard print studio have come together to collaborate a design print, to raise money for humanitarian charity,  DEC. Prints are available though The Poly, Falmouth as a limited run of 50 prints. 

Artists featured; Beck Haughton, Sally Spence, Caroline Cleave, Liz Perry, Jennifer Green, Sarah Seddon, Lesley Harry, Caroline Uff & Clementine Neild.

Crow Moon 2022
Polymer etching. Limited edition 

Crow moon.jpeg

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Boc Feale (i), etching 2021. Preserved Beech branch, drypoint & aquatint. Limited edition of 10

"Boc Feale

Bursts of April/May
Transcend thoughts of grief.
Still I feel your presence
In sand, in stone & leaf"



'Oarweed', 2021
Cornish seaweed, pressed. Monotype with gold leaf 1/2, Size, 28cm x 33cm framed. 

'Time & Tide', 2021
Etching, using Cornish seaweed, pressed for one year. Limited Edition of 30 



 Detail from 'Seaweed II' 2020
Etching, pressed, Cornish seaweed, overlaid hand-coloured ink relief with tiny flecks of silver. Limited Edition of 20. 


'Forest kelp' 2020
Preserved, Cornish seaweed monoprint, hand foiled. 

'Inflorescence i, ii, iii', 2020
Hand-coloured etching/ colour variable triptych with gold leaf. Edition of 10

"I love my print, its delicate colour & light touch of gold leaf, gives it an ethereal quality, which I love" - Liz Davies

Detail from 'Cornish Fern', 2020
Hand-coloured etching/ colour variable etching. Edition of 20. Printed on Somerset paper. Size: 26cm x 32 cm unframed. 
Wisteria, etching 2019. Preserved Wisteria, drypoint & aquatint. Limited edition of 20