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Where else can we see your work?

Marazion is a pretty market town, situated in the far south west coast of Cornwall. It is considered a hidden gem & personally speaking, has always been a favourite. Marazion's most notable attraction is St Michael's mount, previously a monastical site, it is currently under the custodianship of the St. Aubyn family as well as, links to the National Trust. The Mount held an important geographical role supporting landing of fishing catch as well as, being a harbour port from which trade could be widely distributed. Despite its appearance as a sea-locked island,  a cobbled tidal coastal path appears at low tide, making walking to the Mount possible, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The Mount has many associated myth & legends, one of my favourites read by my friend Jen Tredinnick, can be found here

What are your plans?

Marazion Gallery is an artist-led gallery, in other words, it is co-operatively run by the creative people, who contribute their work to it. All the artists are locally based & specialise in their own unique craft. There is a variety of skill & artwork to consider when you visit the gallery & depending on the day, any one of the artists will be in store, waiting to greet you. This provides all of our customers with the unique experience of being able to meet the artist who's work you are interested in or, about to purchase & is therefore, a more positive & personal experience. Purchasing independent, local art & craft means contributing to a more direct, sustainable approach of purchasing art as well as, supporting the people who live & work in Cornwall. Basically, coming to our gallery is a win win scenario. For more information about the artists at the gallery, check out the website here or, look on social media by searching 'Marazion gallery'.



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Visitor info & National Trust guide to St Michaels Mount 

What is Jubilee Wharf?

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