Prints & Artwork are currently available from artist here or, in person at Marazion Gallery. 
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If you are interested in  any of my current artwork on Instagram or, any of the images at Marazion gallery, please feel free to get in touch. It will be lovely to hear from you.

Prints may be available as part of a series & can be posted mounted & unframed anywhere in or, outside of the UK, by prior arrangement. I am more than happy to send updated details to you of current, (specifically 'colour-variable' & or, hand foiled) artwork ; especially if you would like to buy a piece of work but are unable to come to the gallery, in person. In any edition, there will be some slight variation to consider, particular regarding season-inspired, hand coloured prints. Alternatively, please contact a specific gallery for current exhibition details, potential sales & artworks. 

Purchases are arranged via Paypal direct from artist, with your preferred P&P or, can be supported via Marazion Gallery for card payments & direct collection from the gallery itself. Payment is taken in advance & receipt provided for your purchase should you require one. If I am taking part in exhibition at say, The Poly, in Falmouth for example, they also support the 'Own Art' scheme. I cannot send glass in the post however, current editions in stock can be posted promptly & if not, a print can be made & sent in reasonable time to you. Details to be kept appropriately & confidentially for the duration of sale & delivery however, they are not held for unsolicited future contact, unless specifically requested by you. 

All packaging is environmentally friendly; recyclable, re-usable & compostable where-ever possible. You may find more answers to queries on the FAQ page