I studied studio ceramics at Falmouth College of Arts & fell in love with the South West. I am the daughter of a skilled craftswoman & photographer father, both from Yorkshire. My printing process begins with photography & sketchbook play. I have developed both relief as well as, intaglio techniques, applied in layers. Some of this process may require over a year to complete, due to drying times & pressing of plants. My illustrative work includes mono-printed texture, collage & silhouette further exploring delicacy & playfulness within each image. As an artist I paint, print & write as well as, fiercely champion positive protection of our natural world, it's organic beauty, community well-being & sustainability. My artwork seeks to display nature at it's finest, not destroy it. 

I have lived in Hull, Oxford & Brighton but remain enchanted by the Cornish coastline & surrounding countryside. Currently I live & work near the Helston.

“I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life - all mystery and magic”

- Harry Houdini,


"How wonderfully delicate & strange"

- Philip Naylor,